7 Ways to Fight Negative Energy.

Just when things were supposed to get a little more positive it seems the news has a way of keeping us in a negative mindset. We are supposed to be getting vaccinated, reducing COVID cases and getting on to a great 2021, but lately we are hearing vaccine supply issues, 3rd wave and the new variants. All these things are out of our control yet with so much negative news it is easy to look at the glass as half empty rather than half full. Having said that we put together these 7 useful tips to help you achieve a positive mindset for 2021.

1. Get in the right frame of mind. Start each day with a goal or a positive reaffirmation. It may seem trivial, but it can put your mind in the right state and give you an attitude check when you start your day. A good start to the day will help fend off some of that negative energy and fuel your motivation to tackle what’s ahead.

2. Focus on the good. It is important to focus on the good things however small they may be. Sure, you may have big goals in mind and a dream for that family vacation this summer on a tropical island, but it is important to look at the small wins as they add up in the long run. Celebrate these as often as you can as they will continue to help you as you move forward and fight the stresses of life.

3. Humour. When faced with a negative situation sometimes humour is a good medicine to remedy the challenge. It can put your mind at ease, clear your thoughts and help you get on with your day. Sometimes pushing the reset button is all we need to get out of a negative spiral and make the best of the situation.

4. Learn. No matter what the failure is, it is important to learn something every time you fall short of your goals. Perhaps you were expecting something and something else happened. It is important to find out what you have learned or at the very least what did not work so you can make the corrective action going forward. Failing is not fun but learning what does and does not work can become very inspiring.

5. Change your thoughts. Self doubt and self negative talk can paralyze you when you are trying to move forward. When you learn to change your state and better control your emotions you begin to exercise better control over your destiny. Whether it is positive self talk, going for a walk or changing your surroundings you must do some thing to put yourself in a better frame of mind.

6. The power of now. Worrying about tomorrow will cause unnecessary anxiousness when dealing with the present. It is important to focus on what is in front of you now and not worry about what could happen down the road. In karate class when dealing with an opponent you may have a strategy to win but if you fail to execute each tactic at the right time you will fall short of your win. Focus on what you can do now!

7. Choose great people. Positive peer pressure can be an amazing thing and short cut your way to success. Surround yourself around great people, friends and coworkers and good things will start to happen in your life. A long time ago I heard you are a combination of your 5 closest friends, so try to find people that bring you up rather than bring you down.

Again we are excited to be back to teaching our indoor classes again and although we don’t know what the future brings, we are going to take each day at a time. Lets’ make the most of these opportunities to become better martial artists in the dojo and in life as we look for ways to inspire those around us.

Good luck!

Sensei Chris