7 Lockdown Learning Tips for Better Students

"The more you know about the past the more you can prepare for the future"

Theodore Roosevelt

History can be our teacher if we learn from our mistakes and going through this process a second time can help of us figure out some of the missteps, we might have made the first time.

Lockdown is here which means lockdown learning is also here for kids and parents. When I spoke to our karate parents this past summer some mentioned the frustrations they faced when they had to pivot to online school learning back in March.  Others found it a little smoother which is why we thought it might be useful to share this list of the 7 most essential tips to make online learning more productive.

1. Find your space. I know at our house the dining room table is not for dining during virtual learning. I find myself eating at the breakfast bar most of the time so as not to interrupt what is taking place during school hours. Much like your desk at school, a workspace will create a comfort space that puts you in the right frame of mind for learning. Having good access to a healthy Internet connection and an organized space can you alleviate some easy frustrations

2. Set a goal and/or reward. Setting up a goal with a reward might be a good idea and a motivating factor for younger children. It could be anything from free time to a treat and I am sure every parent knows what works best for motivating their children

3. Understand technology. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to learn something new on the fly in front of your kids. Spending a few minutes and familiarizing yourself before your kids go online can make things go a lot smoother. There are plenty of YouTube videos as well as help menus to assist with most software systems. It is important to understand how to navigate the software to better help your child learn and succeed. Once they do it a few times they will become the pro at it anyways!

4. Create a schedule. A schedule at school and a schedule at home will make learning more productive and fun. Kids will do a lot better going to bed on time and waking up on time before they tackle their school day. This type of structure and routine may be a little different than the norm, but the point is it still is structure and it still is routine! Kids crave and thrive on this and you will notice their mental well being is a lot better when they follow their schedule.

5. Eat healthy. Eating healthy and having healthy habits should not fall by the wayside because kids are learning from home. If you want your child’s energy and concentration level to be where it should be then they will need to have the fuel in their body that is going to sustain them for the day. Quick energy from snacks and simple carbs will fade quickly and with that so will concentration!

6. Add some DPA. Daily physical activity or DPA at school helps kids reset a portion of their day and come back with a fresh attitude for the classroom. Fortunately for our student’s, they study martial arts which gives them a competitive advantage over other children as they are continually exercising. But if you notice during the day your learning is not where it should be perhaps a quick walk around the block or play outside might make the difference when you come back to your workspace for learning.

7. Review. Review, review, and more review. Retention is key and the point is not to just get the work done but to understand what you are learning. Perhaps going over your work a second or third time might make all the difference in understanding the concepts and being prepared for a test. Not only is this going to help your academic marks but more importantly it will build the necessary discipline and study habits that kids need to succeed in life

As we discussed back in the spring this is a great opportunity to really separate your child from the pact. Learning a little independence and self discipline can go a long way and although it can be frustrating at times for parents, we must realize the bigger picture of what is going on. It is not always about the work you see in front of you but the challenge that lies ahead.

In 5 years from now you will not likely remember the mark you got in your math class BUT you will remember that time when you stepped up and took charge of your destiny. You may not even see or realize it now, but years to come these times might just be the defining moment when your child developed the winning edge in life!

Sensei Chris