Back to School Safety Basics.

With back to school and COVID-19 safety, I'm sure you are taking all the extra precautions as parents and are focused on your child's well-being. Rather than inundate you with all the new social distancing rules, cleaning, masks and protocols we thought we get down to some good old fashion basic safety tips that you should not overlook.

Hamilton is sure to busy over the next few weeks and First Choice Martial Arts wants you and your child to stay safe this school year as you transition back to class. Every September there is a buzz in the air as kids, parents and teachers gear up for the back to school season. As parents we get organized with lunches, supplies and family calendars that map out our kids sports and extra curricular activities. One area that is as equally important is our child’s safety, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 6 important back to school safety tips.

Adults and Kids:

  1. Slow down on the roadways. Kids are out and all it takes is one bumble bee to make a child jump out of the way and potentially onto the road. Driving slower will give drivers better reaction time as well as help them anticipate any mishaps on the road.
  2. Put the phone away. First it against the law and secondly it completely dangerous. In Ontario, deaths from collisions caused by distracted driving have doubled since 2000.
  3. Watch out for school buses. Summer drivers have gotten used to buses being absent within our communities. It is time to take caution and be extra vigilant and yield to buses.
  4. Give yourself extra time. Roads are slower at this time of year from increased traffic and construction. Having some extra time can allow drivers to feel more at ease when travelling and reduce the need to rush.Put the screens away. Kids need to stay focused and alert when travelling to school.
  5. Cross at designated areas. It is hard for drivers to see kids that in between parked cars, additionally they might not be expecting kids to cross in undesignated areas. Play it safe, be visible and always make eye contact when crossing.
  6. The daylight savings change and fall approaching will make it get darker earlier. Being visible with bright clothing in the twilight hours can make you safer when travelling or playing with your friends.

Have a great start to the school year and be safe this Fall!

Sensei Chris