5 Important Things to Remember for Grad

Today, First Choice Martial Arts students will participate in our third graduation since the start of the pandemic and we are extremely excited to see the performances later today. Having said that we thought we’d remind you of 5 important tips that might make you stand out a little more for when you perform later tonight. 

  1. Be prepared. Know your grad times and have your full uniform pressed and ready to go. This means having your top and pants washed and ready. If your hair needs to be tied up so you don’t get distracted, then have your elastic too. 
  1. Practise the routines physically and mentally before you arrive. With graduation being later in the day there is ample time to review and know your stuff well. This will give you the mental edge you need and ease the nerves before showtime. 
  1. Show respect and be considerate. Show others how kind and respectful you are through your actions and behavior. Being a martial artist isn’t a part-time job and it is part of our responsibility in developing a Black Belt Mindset. Even if you are sitting with your fellow classmates, watch intently so everyone can see how respectful the students at FCMA really are. 
  1. Show Self-Control. When you are performing, and it is time to hold a pose do it without moving. Avoid getting distracted and this includes holding your stances and techniques. Nothing ruins an amazing performance when a strong move is followed by a sway, a look away glance, or a fidget. You do this already in class so be spot on for those couple of minutes so that you can look your best. 
  1. Show Confidence and Intensity. Let’s perform with power, precision, and the intensity needed to look great. Loud KIAS when followed up with power and synchronization can really move the crowd and make your performance a memorable one.

We hope you are excited and ready for the Grad, remember to take some photos, have fun, and enjoy another step towards your Black Belt. Saturday is a time for showmanship and there is no better time to bring your A-game.

Always remember that behind every great performance there were countless hours of practice and preparation.

Sensei Chris