5 Frightening Safety Tips this Halloween

With the trick or treat season fast approaching it is time to think about some important safety tips to keep your children safe this Halloween. As kids get older, they may be inclined to bargain for some further independence and as parents it is good idea to think ahead so you don’t get caught off guard when the topic comes up.

Depending on the age of your child you may or may not let them go alone with friends, but it is prudent to have some good rules in place for whatever you decide.

  1. Plan your route ahead of time. If you know exactly where your kids are going to do their candy grab it will be much easier to locate them if need be. For us we started standing out on the street where we could see our kids from a distance while we let them walk to neighbours’ houses within eyesight. This eventually evolved into a lap around the block with friends, but we knew exactly what route they took before they embarked.
  2. How to cross the street. It is essential that kids understand that they must cross at designated spots so as not to get hit by a car. Running back and forth, from house to house is a sure way to endanger their safety. Talk to them about why it is important and lead by example if you are going out with them.
  3. If your kids are going with friends establish a way to contact them. A lot of kids have cell phones nowadays so getting a hold of them has never been easier. However, it is important if they do carry a phone that they understand they should put it away when out on the streets. It is very busy on Halloween night and they need to pay attention to the traffic and their surroundings. You could even establish a rule that they need to text you at a certain point, so you know their whereabouts.
  4. Costumes can be very elaborate, and it is important that they fit properly. Being able to see, breathe and be visible in the dark will help keep your child safer.
  5. Hungry? Yes, those snacks look delicious but let’s wait till we get home so mom and dad can check and make sure it is safe. For one obvious reason safety, but let’s not eat a chocolate bar from 2009! Gross!

Have Fun. For me I am a wimp in the weather department, and it is crucial that I have gloves, hat and umbrella if need be, on a chilly Halloween night. Dress for comfort and warmth and you too will have a lot more fun!

Lastly, if you need any help checking your Halloween candy this year all the instructors are more than happy to take it off your hands!