5 Essentials for your next Outdoor Karate Class!

 Now that restrictions are easing a bit, and things are slowly getting into a new normal we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to teach outside during our Phase 2. Couple that with a dreaded heat wave last week we thought it might be useful to provide you with some tips for your next outdoor class.

This experience has been amazing as it has been great to connect with you in a format that allows for better communication with student and instructor. Having said that we want you stay safe, comfortable as well as have fun during your next visit to the dojo.

Here they are:

  1. I drink at least 5-6 bottles of water every night I am outside. Sometimes a 500ml bottle just is not enough! Pack more than you need so you can get the most out of your workout. 
  1. Hat and Sunglasses. It is not just for looks. A hat will keep the sun off your head and make you more comfortable on those hot and sticky days. Sunglasses will also shield your eyes when you are trying to make out the next combo or technique. 
  1. Running Shoes. Flip Flops are not meant for track and field and neither are they for karate. You do not want to second guess your footwork and roll your ankle when you are doing something as simple as a jumping jack. 
  1. Gi Pants, FCMA Karate T-Shirt, and Belt. We want to create as much as a structured environment as possible, so it is imperative that you come dressed for class. Being in uniform allows us to create that similar Dojo experience and treat the classes with a little more respect and consideration. If you want your child to be focussed and serious, they need to be ready and prepared. 
  1. Being on Time. “It is better to be an hour early, than a minute late”. Being organized enough to be on time teaches children and student the value of time management. When class starts, we often give the kids a quick little message on important character traits that we need to show in martial arts. To me this is sometimes the most important part of the lesson and it would be a shame if a student missed it. Not only does a student come in frantic when they are late, they often become discouraged as they have missed some lesson instruction. This is a situation that can be easily avoided with a little preparation. 

I hope these tips help and we look forward to your continued progress as we keep adjusting to things!  

Sensei Chris