The intensity on the floor is unreal this week and it looks like next week will be a big moment for many at the school. If this is your first belt exam, and graduation you are in for a real treat as this is going to forever alter the way you see and approach your training going forward.

It’s easy to tell but when a student and parent finally see firsthand the power and potential of martial arts it will forever change the course of their destiny. Performing and watching yourself, that Black Belt, an instructor, or that super intense Little Dragon can set the wheels in motion and inspire what you can do next. The energy at Graduation is motivating and it can become infectious as it starts to follow you to that next class and on and on and on.

Your attitude and outlook are often not the same after graduation in a good way. It allows even the silliest students to re-evaluate what and why they are doing for the better and make the necessary changes to improve and be a better version of themselves. This is the perfect formula for what it means to have a Black Belt attitude and all it took was one event to alter the mindset of the student we like to call the dabbler. No more one toe in the water as this student has now seen what is possible and is ready to go all in from this moment on.

So, enjoy the process and do your best to be a part of the celebration next week as we look forward to seeing a new and improved version of you going forward. In the event you can’t make it take a moment to reflect and feel the progress you have made and recognize your achievement as a chance to further boost your confidence and self-esteem.

With another 365 days almost in the books we need to remember, 1% progress every day adds up to 365% progress at the end of the year!

Sensei Chris